Words or Actions?

What comes easier for you, words or actions? Do you have the ability to say all the right things, or is it easier for you to express yourself through what you do? What happens when someone is saying all the right things, but their demeanor and body language scream the opposite? Which do you believe?

The Haiku posted in the link below on Grace of the Sun (deepest gratitude to Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy for letting me borrow her lovely words) made me think about how we express ourselves.  Many people have heard of the Five Love Languages from the best-selling book by Gary Chapman. If you haven’t explored the different concepts, please check them out.  No matter the type of relationship you have with someone {parent/child, husband/wife, relative, friend, co-worker) you can enhance your connection with them by learning their individual love language as well as understanding and accepting your own. Listen to the words, but listen harder to the actions. Step back and really look at those you love. Does their “I love you” look like the small things they do every day to make your life easier, yet you rarely hear the words? Do you find yourself thinking when you hear the words ‘I love you’, “If you loved me, you’d help me with this.”? The two of you may be speaking different love languages. Spend some time listening to both the words and the actions, then have a conversation with your loved one. Translating how you each express and receive love can help bring you closer together.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may pick up subtle warning signals from someone, even though there is nothing wrong with their words. An adage states, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This has been proven time and again throughout history. However, gut instinct existed long before the written word. Learn to hear and heed its voice, especially when it makes no logical sense. Someone’s tone may be friendly, their words offering help, but as I’m learning in the book A Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker, your intuition may be screaming “NO, RUN!” even though your mind is telling you there is nothing wrong. Listen to that instinct deep inside yourself. It is the primal protector, there to keep you safe and alive and is not bound by polite, societal behavior. Listen to the words, but listen harder to the actions. If your gut is telling you something is wrong, heed its warning no matter what words you are hearing.

Listen not only with your ears but also with your gut and heart. Which speaks louder to you? What is easier for you to believe?

3 thoughts on “Words or Actions?

  1. I can believe someone is “fine” if their body language mirrors the words spoken from their mouth, but not when they conflict. But then, sometimes I am perfectly fine and deep and thought and look completely pissed off because I just have that kind of face, so if it’s only their face that seems mad, I leave them be

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