Training School

Lisa took one last look around her room, smiling at the posters and frilly decor. I hope I have everything she thought. She sat down on her bed for one last check of the packing list her new school supplied.

  • Personal items
  • Pens / pencils
  • College ruled spiral notebooks
  • Pocket notepads
  • 9″ brush knife
  • 5″ wood or ceramic hair sticks
  • Garrote
  • Monkey fist key chain
  • T-handled neck knife
  • Poison Pen (in original packaging, poison will be supplied at graduation)

While she waited for her dad to finish packing the car, she rifled through her backpack for her diary to try and finish yesterday’s entry.

Dear Diary,

Sweet 16 at last! I’m grateful my birthday was before the cut-off, how frustrating it would have been to wait another year before going off to school! So glad my new roommate was able to come to my party today, it was nice to meet her in person before we move in together. I think we’ll have a good year, we have a lot in common and we can practice Krav Maga together! I’m so excited to finally be leaving for school, I can’t wait to learn how to…

“Lisa, time to go!” Her dad called.

“Coming!” She yelled back and closed the pink cover before tucking her diary into her backpack before slipping it onto her shoulders. New day, new adventure she whispered as she trotted down the stairs, on her way to her first day at the Assassin’s Academy.

Written for the Prompt of the Week by Lady Jabberwocky with the theme of “school”

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